Independent Music

The Artists We Represent Include:


The Silent Boys
  (80's indie-pop)

John Andrew

The Shattered Hopes
  (political punk)

Joe Netzel

Mike Lucas
  (voice, sax, guitar)

John Guerriere
  (backbone ballads)

Welcome to CProMusic.com

An independent record label —

From this central site you can visit the websites of our affiliated musical artists who offer many of their songs as free downloads. CDs are available (or soon to be available) through CD-Baby. Visit each site for CD-Baby links.

Thank you for supporting the revolution of independent music production.


Click on the above collection of CProMusic albums for a gallery of album artwork.

CProMusic.com is the music division of Conceptual Productions LLC
a family owned and operated company dedicated to the production of
science curriculum, children's stories, and fine music.